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The Scoop-December 7th, 2017

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December 7th, 2017

This week @ The Place

Please join us this Sabbath at The Place for worship and praise.  This week Pastor Simon will preach a sermon based on Mark 13:24-27  titled "Going Home with Jesus."  We look forward to having Robin Shea lead us in praise and worship; special music by Logan Dickinson; and to the CAES Children's choir.  We also look forward to welcoming Nathan Lew and Sonny Capolupo into membership as they will be getting baptized on Saturday evening at the Christmas party.



Financial Support for the Mission of The Place

God is great and we invite his continued blessings on the outreach and ministry of The Place.  Thanks so much for your financial support of our ministry and church family. As 2017 ends we invite you to bless our ministry at The Place.  We need your love and support and are so glad that you are a part of our church family. You may support the mission of The Place on-line at www, with no fees.


Community Community Shoppe - This Saturday (it's not too late to volunteer)

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS SHOPPE will be this Saturday, December 9th.  The Christmas Shoppe is a great way for churches in our community to spread the word and love of Jesus to those that are struggling financially this Christmas season. Over 500 families in our community have been invited to shop for free for Christmas gifts for their children. There is still an opportunity for your to be a part of this fun filled day by volunteering. There are many volunteer opportunities if you would like to help set up on December 8 or help the day of Christmas Shoppe on December 9 at Newbury Park First Christian Church. For more information, to watch a video or to volunteer, please visit  Contact Joyce Thomsen (805) 377-8892.



The Place Christmas Party This Saturday evening and baptism. 

We would like to INVITE you ALL to our annual Place Christmas Party. It is THIS Saturday night, Dec. 9th at 6 p.m. at Alister and Karen's home - 2559 Alicante Court, Santa Rosa Valley. The GATE CODE is #2120.

It is a traditional holiday dinner - please sign up to bring a dish to share through If you are unable to sign up, please bring something if you are able to.

Our party will include singing Christmas carols; a white elephant ornament exchange ($10 max); dinner, games and BAPTISMS!

After dinner, we will celebrate the BAPTISMS of Nathan Lew and Sonny Capolupo. We invite you to come out and celebrate as they join the body of Christ. 

Please feel free to bring a FRIEND!! All are welcome.




Prayer for Firefighters and Fires

Our prayers and gratefulness go out to the thousands of firefighters who have been bravely fighting the many fires that have engulfed the southland this week.  Specifically, we pray for the protection over firefighters, people and homes.  We also pray for comfort for those who have experienced loss.  



Youth Christmas Pajama Party-This Sunday

All youth are invited for to the Christmas pajama party on Sunday morning, December 10th from 9am to 12pm in Suite 16 @ The Place. Come and enjoy breakfast and a white elephant gift exchange. 



Junior High Christmas Party-This Sunday

All junior highers are invited to The Place Jr. High Christmas Party THIS Sunday, Dec. 10th from 9-12 a.m. at Do and Vivian's house  (1867 Fox Springs Circle, Newbury Park).   BRUNCH will be provided (you don't need to bring anything.) Also, there will be SWIMMING in the heated pool if you like;  karaoke; worship;  jumping on the trampoline and all kinds of FUN. You don't need to bring anything except a swim suit and towel if you want to swim. But, please RSVP to Simon (805-498-2300)

It is a GATED community, so it is easier if we can have your name on the list.



Community Outreach-Next Sabbath

All are invited to our community outreach event next Sabbath afternoon, December 16h at 3 p.m. at Windsor Terrace Health Care Center (250 Fairview Road, Thousand Oaks)  Come and celebrate Christmas and share joy and song with elderly residents.



The Place Christmas Vespers

Please save the date for our Christmas vespers on Friday evening, December 22nd.  



Arla's New Book 

The Bible can give an inadequate, demanding, or scary picture of God. It did for Arla. But she began to think that perhaps it was the perspective of the authors. It was written by men who use few words, focus on facts, and like the idea of a mighty conquering warrior God. Notwithstanding Inspiration, people see through their filters and often produce a biased or partial picture. The stories of the Bible had real people who lived in relationship with God—were part of God’s family, when they would be, and God treated them like children in all the various developmental stages. These people had emotions, and issues and backstories just like ours, allowing for cultural differences. They struggled with good and evil too. In this episode (Exodus 24--Deuteronomy) one can see that God’s laws and rules all come from parental love! Israel had just come out of slavery and functioned on a reward and punishment level of development--their mindset needed high structure and high nurture which Adonai gave them. He carefully spelled out all of His expectations for them. The problem was they didn't all want to obey. Just like children they always pushed the boundaries and complained at any lack. They were very susceptible to the suggestions of the dark side, believing and acting out most of them, and making it very difficult for God to do what He wanted to do for them. It isn’t always easy to understand God’s voice or actions unless you understand this huge backstory, and all the little ones interconnecting with it.  Arla hopes to get people reading scripture again, enjoying it, understanding it, and falling in love with God. She would love for people to see that God's law is really just love--the character of all three Abba, Adonai and Ruach--and will keep us safe and happy until this war is over. His laws will keep us! as it says in the Greek interlinear of John 14:15.



Train for the L.A. Marathon with World Vision

Interested in running a marathon? Would you like to support a great cause and get in shape at the same time?  Then training with Team World Vision to run the L.A. Marathon is your answer!  Sign up this Sabbath to join the team and to make a difference in the lives of many.





Junior High 

2nd & 4th Sabbath @ 9 a.m.- Worship Workshop @ The Place 

Dec. 10-Sunday: 9-12 p.m. Junior High Christmas Party @ Do & Vivian's home (1867 Fox Springs Drive in NP) Please bring a swim suit and towel.  Brunch will be provided.  RSVP Pastor Simon @ 805-498-2300.



December 10 - Christmas youth pajama party from 9am to 12pm @ Suite 16 at The Place. Enjoy breakfast and a white elephant gift exchange.  


January 5-7 - Hume Lake youth camp cost $220. sign up this coming Saturday. Also, please contact Jana Fritz 559-862-9183.

College & Career/Young Adults


December 16 - Meet up after church to help plan the activities for the next few months.

The Place Adventist Fellowship

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