Worship & Creative Arts

What is Worship?

Here at The Place, we believe that worship is a heartfelt response to our amazing, holy and personal God.  Since people are uniquely crafted by Him, our worship takes many forms including music, arts, poetry, service, giving and meditation on His Words.


God is always with us; we are always in His presence.  Nevertheless, the busyness of life distracts and competes with the sacred intimacy God desires to have with us. When we gather together on Saturday mornings, worship in music plays a significant role in creating space and time to enjoy His presence and to meditate on who He is.

While The Place musicians are gifted and talented, they are not performers, but lead worshipers. Utilizing a selection of contemporary Christian songs, God’s name is lifted high.  It is our prayer that all who attend our worship gatherings will leave with a sense that they have been in the presence of God.


God is the author of Beauty.  For this reason, we believe that fine art, drama, dance, film and photography all have a place in reverent worship. God’s goodness, creativity and beauty are displayed in many forms: a sculptor creates while a pastor teaches, a child draws a response to the message, a photo inspires, a film impacts the heart.  Worship through arts also has the unique ability to grab the attention of children and youth who are highly valued members of our church family.


Audio, Lighting and Video Techs are an integral part of the worship experience.  They are assisted by stage crew, lyric coordinators and others who joyfully arrive early and stay late.  Training is available for those who are interested in serving in this important ministry.

TO GET INVOLVED:   Auditions are required to participate in the Worship Music Ministry. We are always looking for gifted musicians who exhibit the deep faith and sincere humility necessary to lead people in worship. If you are interested in Worship Music, Arts, or Technology please speak with any of our staff so that an interview can be arranged with our Worship Coordinator.