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Welcome to The Place!


The Place 30- Day

As a new member of The Place, we’d like to help you connect with your new church family.  You’ll receive a free copy of “Welcome to The Place, A 30 Day Journey.”  The guide provides 5 devotionals per week on topics such as the attributes of God, faith foundations, spiritual disciplines and life in church community.  After week 4, you’ll meet with a pastor to answer any questions you might have as a new member of The Place Church Family.

30-Day Journey Booklet (flash-flip online)

30-Day Journey Booklet (PDF file download)


Spiritual Gifts Assessment (Adult)

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (Youth)*

(At the end of the online Spiritual Gifts Assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to have the results emailed.  Enter your name and email.  Once you receive the results, save the results to share.)