In-House Ministry Opportunities

Serve @ The Place

Jesus’ life made a radical transformation in the way people interact with God and community.  Instead of a handful of priests performing all the work for God, Jesus promoted the people to “priests and kings” and invited them to participate in ministry.  Not only that, but he pours divine abilities into the lives of his children so that we may impact the world and advance his kingdom of love.

We provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in a Spiritual Gifts inventory or class.  In this way, you’ll discover how you are uniquely created to be a part of the Body of Christ.  Consider some of the following opportunities to get involved at The Place and contact us today:

—Fellowship Luncheon and Cafe Teams
—Hospitality Team Greeters
—Children’s Church Leaders
—Sabbath School Teachers
—Junior and Senior High Youth Leaders
—Host homes for social, youth and special events
—Audio & Visual Technology Assistants and Leaders
—Social events, food, snack or decorating help
—Administrative support for various ministries
—Church and classroom setup
—Small Group leaders
—Technology skills and graphic art design
—Community Service visionaries
—Lead Worshipers, musicians, vocalists, arts and tech – Worship Arts Ministry Info
—Children’s Ministry
—Volunteer for Extreme Mobility Camps (ministry to the visually impaired)
—Worship Workshop Youth Band (6-12th graders) through
—Or. . . use a hobby, passion or skill to start your own Adventure Group!