Small Groups: Built Around Relationships & Centered on the Bible

We can learn a lot from the first-century church. Relationships really mattered because the church was united with like hearts and minds. Small Groups are designed to be relational – an environment where you can make close friends, share your life with others, and serve one another in love. There’s no better way to find a sense of belonging than to get involved in a Small Group.

God’s World is at the heart of each Small Group time, As you open the Bible to study and learn with others, you not only hear from Him through scripture, but are in a small group where you can ask question and apply the Bible’s teaching to your own life.  Browse below to contact leaders with your questions.

Adventure Groups: Part of our Community

Adventure Groups meet around the community to enjoy hobbies, sports, adventure, crafts or to provide social support for special needs. Friends from the community are always welcome to participate in Adventure Groups and to enjoy the fun and new friendships.

Are you in a group? You need to be! How do you get involved? IT’S EASY! Just review our list of existing groups below and contact the person listed or contact Pastor Simon.

To view our list of groups visit: