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The Scoop-March 22nd, 2017

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March 22nd, 2017

This week @ The Place

Please join us this Sabbath at The Place for worship and praise.  This week Pastor Alex will preach a sermon titled "Following His Footsteps" based on Mark 15:21-32.  We look forward to having Aron George and Ben and Sita Vete as our lead worshipers; and Sandra Smith will share with us about her new ministry for healthy living.

We invite you to stay after church and enjoy a time of refreshment and fellowship in the cafe. 


Financial Support for the Mission of The Place 

Thanks so much to so many of you for your generous support of The Place and our community. Jesus is the center of our worship...and our giving! You may give with no fees (as usual) on our church website -  And if you are missing out on our worship service...don't forget you can LIVESTREAM it each week on our Facebook page.

Collegiate Gathering THIS Sabbath afternoon

All collegiate aged young people are invited to lunch, fellowship and study together THIS Sabbath afternoon, March 24th at 2 p.m. at Alister and Karen's home - 2559 Alicante Court, Santa Rosa Valley (Gate code is #2030.) Please contact Pastor Alex for more details.


Healthy Living

There is a new group forming which will focus on healthy living. They will meet soon to decide the exact time and location for the group, but will likely meet 1x a month. If you have an interest in healthy living, learning more about exercise, diet, food and more, please sign up at The Place or contact Sandra Smith for more details - 805-901-6521. 


Easter Celebrations

As we near the time of the year when we celebrate the risen Jesus, we want to encourage many of you on your fast and time of reflection.  We also want to invite you to celebrate Easter weekend with us as we will have festivities throughout.  

Friday, March 30th: Agape feast @ Alister and Karen's home, 2559 Alicante Court in Santa Rosa Valley (Gate code #2030) beginning at 6 p.m.  This will be a soup and salad dinner and we invite you to bring a dish. We will have worship together and celebrate the baptism of Noah Grant.

Saturday, March 31st: Easter service at church at 11:30 a.m.

Sunday, April 1st: Sunrise Easter Service at Borchard Park (190 N. Reino Road in Newbury Park) beginning at the crack of 9 a.m.  We will enjoy breakfast, games, and a time of praise and worship together. Please bring a dish to share and stay for the kids Easter egg hunt. 



"Outcry Concert" featuring Elevation Worship& Bethel Worship reserve your spots!

We are excited to announce that we have purchased group tickets to see several bands perform at The Greek Theatre on Monday night, April 9th.  Some of those performing will be Elevation Worship, Bethel Worship, and Mosaic.  It is festival seating (not assigned) and the cost is $35 per ticket.  Please sign up this Sabbath or contact Pastor Simon asap.



Summer of Service

We invite you to SERVE! It is an amazing gift to serve others. This summer we are looking for 10 people (young or old) who would like to lead out in service. Here are some service opportunities this summer:

Homeless feeding – 4th Friday each month

Literacy tutoring – every week!

Extreme Mobility Camps – June 12-23

VBS – June 25 – 29

Youth mission trip to Cancun – July 16-26

Mission trip to Puerto Rico – July 18-28

But, we would love for YOU to decide to LEAD something new as an ADVENTURE Group. It could be anything from surfing to biking, dog walking or fishing, knitting to veggie cooking. Talk to Simon, Alex or Ben as God moves you.


NPAA Alumni Weekend in April

On April 13th-15th we will be having our Alumni Weekend.  Come join us for a weekend of fun!

We look forward to seeing you. More details coming soon.

 4/13: 8am-Golf Tournament and 8:00pm- Passion Play

4/14: 10:30am-Church Service and 8:00pm Alumni Games

4/15: 8am-1st Annual 5K, 10am-PTO Spring festival  



Mammoth Trip for College Group

All collegiates are invited to Mammoth for the weekend of April 6-8th.  Please see Pastor Alex for more information.




Junior High 

2nd & 4th Sabbath @ 9 a.m.- Worship Workshop @ The Place 



April 7- Bowling in Simi Lanes @7pm

May 19 – Day at the Beach @ Mondo's 3 p.m.  

May 26 – Nature Church. Malibu creek hike and all day at Zuma beach. 

June 21-24 - Extreme Campout!! San Onofre and La Jolla Beach, snorkeling, Bikes, and Kayaking. 

July 16-26 - Mission Trip to Cancun

College & Career:

March 24 -  Home gathering after church with food and fellowship.

April 6-8- Mammoth trip.

April  21 - Home gathering after church with food and fellowship. 

May 26- Nature church! All day fellowship at Malibu creek and Zuma beach.

June 21-24 Extreme Campout!! San Onofre and La Jolla Beach, snorkeling, Bikes, and Kayaking.

July 16-26- Mission trip to Cancun.  


Young Adult Happenings:

March 31 - Get together for Y.A, potluck birthday celebration.  

April 14  -  Getty Museum and fellowship Sabbath afternoon.

May 26  -   Beach day!! Church at the beach. Malibu creek hike. 

June 21-24 Extreme Campout!! San Onofre and La Jolla Beach, snorkeling, Bikes, and Kayaking.

July 16-26- Mission trip to Cancun


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