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Question: What are the ages involved?

Answer: If you are in high school, then you belong HERE 🙂



Question: What’s different about what you do compared to other churches?

Answer: As the ultimate goal is to give these kids an experience with Jesus, everything that we do is helping to create this environment.  I believe there are four areas that need to be covered in order to create a well-rounded youth ministry for these kids…

Worship – reaching up (connecting to God)

Discipleship – reaching in (personal spiritual growth)

Fellowship – reaching across (connecting with those around you who are ALSO pursuing God)

Evangelism – reaching out (sharing with other what God has given you)


Question: Who’s in charge?  How to contact?

Answer: My name is Pastor John Lubke and I am the youth pastor for The Place.  I’m looking forward to an AMAZING experience working with the youth of “The Place.”



Question: What kinds of stuff do you do?

Answer: We are continually looking for and implementing new ways of connecting high school students to God!  This is the foundation of EVERYTHING we do!  (check out the schedule below)


Our weekly activities include…

Mondays – Youth praise band practice… 6-8pm @ “The Place”

Tuesdays – Youth drama team practice… 6-8pm @ Newbury Park Academy Chapel

Thursdays – Youth small group Bible study… 7-9pm

Fridays – Tennis outreach… 1-3pm @ Borchard Park

Sabbaths – Breakfast time @ the youth chapel… 10-10:30am @ “The Place” youth chapel

Sabbaths – Sabbath School… 10:30-11:30am @ “The Place” youth chapel


Our monthly programs include (dates advertised when necessary)…

Friday night youth vespers programs

Saturday night youth socials

Sabbath afternoon outreach opportunities

Surfing Ministry

Numerous opportunities to be involved in the church worship service

Others happenings…

San Francisco Urban Mission Trip

Lake Nacimiento Camping Trip

Regular Bible studies for those wanting to go deeper into the word (our ultimate goal 🙂

Summer Backpack Trip

Winter Ski Trips

Beach Days

The Place Youth Ministries Facebook Page