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Maybe you’ve been coming to The Place for two weeks. Maybe five years. Maybe you’ve already tested the waters and you’re ready to ramp up your involvement.
The next step is easy. Sabbath services are an important gathering of our church family, but The Place happens seven days a week in small groups, Sabbath school, ministries, events, families, offices, and pretty much anywhere life is happening. From the list below, check out the many ways you can participate in the mission of The Place.

Open to ALL Women – Chick Flicks, Worship


Location: Newbury Park – Dappalonia Home

Time: One Sunday evening each month

Contact: Jennie Kay Dappalonia, (805) 499-6524.

This ministry attends to church members who need love.  For example, new families at church, mothers with new babies, those dealing with with loss, sickness, depression, divorce, unemployment, or financial difficulty.


Location: wherever love is needed

Time: whenever love is needed

Contact: Lilian Alves, (310) 948-6476,