Senior High

Calling All High School Students!


Did you know that The Place Church began as a youth service?  Yep.  We like to say that teen passion, enthusiasm and energy is part of our DNA.  We don’t believe that youth are the church of the future, we believe that our youth are part of the church today.  And we believe in life-changing and transformational youth ministry built around the following five purposes:

  • Worship – reaching up (connecting to God)
  • Discipleship – reaching in (personal spiritual growth)
  • Fellowship – reaching across (connecting with those around you who are ALSO pursuing God)
  • Ministry – reaching around (finding ways to serve and minister in the church and community)
  • Evangelism – reaching out (sharing with other what God has given you)

Every element on the youth calendar is considered with these five purposes in mind so that each student has the opportunity to grow in heart, mind and spirit.

Here’s an idea of what you’ll miss out on if you don’t join us…

  • San Francisco Urban Mission Trip
  • Small groups and Vespers
  • Monthly Social Activities
  • One-on-one pastoral interaction:  for spiritual explorers or those ready for baptism.
  • Hume Lake Winter Camp
  • Surfing Days
  • Random Acts of Kindness in our community
  • Youth Sabbath School
  • Skateboarding Days
  • Opportunities for Ministry Mentoring
  • Community-wide service projects
  • International Missions Trip


When life is good, when life is tough, we look for great friends to “do life” with.  Here’s your chance to connect with other students in your area to worship and study “The Red Stuff.”  Meeting twice a month, groups are forming in the Newbury Park, Ventura/Camarillo, and Simi Valley areas.  Open to Junior and Senior High students.

Worship Workshop

Are you in junior high or high school? Have you ever dreamed of being in your own band? Interested in having a jam session with your friends? Twice a month, junior and senior high students bring their instruments to hone their skills under the leadership of our Worship Workshop Director: Jeff Castanon. 9:00am @ The Place. Questions?

More Information about Worship Workshop


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For more information on how to get involved please contact Pastor Alex (603) 369-7466