Monthly Archives: March 2016

Husky in Snow

Image by: Bradon Schwarz

The brisk wind flowing through two coats of dense fur. The snow packed tight between pads of the paw. The musher yelling commands as his mutts haul their heavy sled. This is the DNA of a husky. Born runners. The working class of the K9 community.

I have newly discovered my dog, Mowgley’s, passion and excitement for snow. Born and raised in southern California, he had never thought such a white and fluffy phenomenon existed.

He would do his due diligence at inspecting every tree, snowball, and icicle on our daily walks through the snow. We were practically alone on the flat top mountain at 10,000 ft., so he was free to roam without a leash. He would wander until out of sight, then immediately following my whistle return to retrieve his reward for responding. The joy on his face was apparent. It might be ridiculous to assume dogs can smile, but his grin stretched to the corners of his jowls. I had never seen him so happy! Continue reading