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I have never written a blog before. Every week I write a sermon. Four pages of material I would like to share about what God has already shared and what thousands of other preachers throughout history have already shared about too. I don’t pretend to be innovative or ground-breaking. But, I do try to think. And, frankly, I am worried that many people don’t think anymore. I have been particularly astounded by the seemingly daily conversations from people about their lack of faith in statistics. (I won’t quote you one of the many studies showing that Americans don’t trust statistics because you wouldn’t believe those statistics either!) They say things like, “you can’t trust statistics” or “you can make statistics say anything you like.” I always respond, YOU ARE WRONG! Statistics always measure what they say they are measuring. But, you actually have to make sure that the people who tell you what they are measuring are telling the truth. That involves thinking! It is hard work. Yet I believe God calls us to think…to do the hard work.

In Mark 4:1-12, Jesus tells a parable that we call the Parable of the Sower (when we want to share it from God’s perspective) or the Parable of the Soil (when we are talking about it from a human perspective). He tells of a man who went to sow seed. In Mark 4:14 we find the seed the sower is sowing is the WORD. This means…the word of God. I believe the word is the same thing as the LOVE of God. God’s word is a revelation of God himself to people…it is God talking about himself. When God talks about himself he describes what he is like…and the most important thing about what God is like is love. So, God is sowing the seed…sharing his love for people. But, he does it in a way that makes no sense to us. My grandfather was a farmer. When he wanted to plant corn he tilled the ground and prepared the soil. But, God (the sower represents God first, but also includes any person who is sharing God’s love) does not just sow on the soil that is ready to receive it (called the good soil in this parable). God is extravagant with his love. He just starts walking around scattering his love on any old ground.

He starts on the path! I am not a farmer, but I know enough not to sow seed on the path. But, God doesn’t mind. His love is extravagant. He has plenty of love to go around. Then, he moves on to the rocky soil and the soil covered in thorns. This is not ideal soil, yet the ground is thirsty for the seed. But, sadly, even though they receive God’s word and his love with joy, trouble and distractions pull them away. But, it does not stop God from sowing his love.

Why does Jesus tell this story as a parable? Jesus tells parables (from the Greek word “parabole” which means two things side by side) is a story about earthly things that helps us to understand Heavenly realities. Jesus uses things we can understand (a man planting a crop) to help us understand things that are hard to understand (Heaven, God’s love, salvation, etc.) Jesus wants us to understand his love. But, Jesus also uses parables because they are HARD to understand. That way, if we are not receptive to his meaning, we will not be pushed further away from God. We simply walk away and shrug our shoulders. Jesus loves us so much that he intentionally loves us in ways that we either respond to or we just walk away from. That is wisdom.

Today, I invite you to seek the TRUTH…to think and explore the deep meaning of this parable. This truth is that Jesus has extravagant love for you. He is willing to offer you his love all the time and in every possible way. If you are open to receiving his love, I invite you to keep digging and keep reading…and God will continue to reveal Himself to you.